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"Life Saver"


David’s vast knowledge and background in finance and accounting was a life saver for me. I probably would not have passed many classes without his help!

Connor N.



"Good at explaining complicated concepts"


Neil is the best tutor I have ever had. He is very good at explaining complicated concepts in a way that I will understand. I wouldn't have passed my economics, accounting, or finance classes without him.

Nicole P.


"Approach is perfect"


The quality of tutoring and conversation style approach is perfect. This approach makes learning complex accounting and financial problems easier to commit to memory and recall during exams. I feel relaxed in a friendly, yet professional atmosphere.

Cody L.

"Subject matter experts"


These tutors are subject matter experts who combine knowledge with the ability to explain and reinforce concepts. Neil has experience with every accounting course through the graduate level. Our sessions have been one of the most enjoyable components of my academic learning experience.

Robert H.

"Saved the semester!"

Best tutoring ever and we cannot thank you enough!

Claire M.


"Phenomenal insight"

Phenomenal insight into corporate finance. Educational and enjoyable. Learned a tremendous amount and look forward to future lessons. Thanks so much!

Sam J. after working with Neil


"Extremely Patient and Kind"

She is extremely patient and kind, and knows everything there is to know about every subject of math. I learn more in one hour with her than I can in a full week of class. She easily adapts to the student's needs. I would highly recommend Mrs. Deborah David to anyone and everyone. 

Dae, after working with Deborah


"Kind and Flexible Tutor"

- Jessa Dallas, TX on 12/8/2016
Neil was such a wonderful person to work with. Allowing me to direct the session, he explained everything succinctly. If I didn't understand the concept initially, he used other tactics to help me. I was also impressed with how familiar he was with the content I was expected to know -- and the extent to which I needed to know it.


"Final's Savior"

Deborah was extremely helpful while reviewing for my Business Statistics class. She clarified some topics that are very hard to explain the difference in. Because of Deb, I was able to successfully do well on my final and get an A in the class. Would definitely recommend!

Miranda, 1 lesson with Deborah

"Patient and very knowledgeable"

- Nicholas Dallas, TX on 1/22/2019
Neil breaks down accounting concepts into easy to understand terms and provides good tips along the way to assist overall grasp of material. Accounting is a whole new language for those not familiar with the foundational concepts of business transactions. Neil cuts through the confusion and relates abstract ideas into real life examples.


"My Son is getting results"

Miss Deb is helping my son with Geometry and Chemistry. He is making all A's and high B's whereas before he was not even close to passing. The results speak for themselves.

Elizabeth, 13 lessons with Deborah

"The best tutor I have ever had."

- Dae Dallas, TX on 12/4/2018
I learned more in one hour with Neil than I did in a full semester with my professor. We reviewed externalities, oligopolies, monopolistic competition, and public goods. You will not find a better micro economics tutor in Dallas.


"Great tutor!"

Deborah is a wonderful tutor. I have always struggled in math and she is able to explain it in a way that I can understand. I plan to use her for tutoring in some of my other classes requiring math. I highly recommend her!

Kim, 31 lessons with Deborah

"great teacher"

- Lauren Dallas, TX on 9/25/2018
Neil was very helpful with explaining the basics of accounting in a way that I could understand. The lesson was very helpful and I would definitely use Neil again.


"Great tutor!"

I was having trouble in my Statistics class. I was not understanding which formulas to use in the given circumstances and was overwhelmed with the amount of information I needed to learn. Deborah was very patient and was able to cover a lot of material quickly. I highly recommend her!

Elizabeth, 2 lessons with Deborah

"Totally knows his stuff!"

- Todd Delano, MN on 8/6/2018
Neil was awesome. He walked me through 23 ratios and helped analyze all relevant data for my paper at the Doctoral level. Recommended for sure for all levels of finance.


"Fantastic tutor!"


Deborah D. was everything you'd want in a tutor. She responded promptly and worked hard to accommodate me on short notice. She was very clear, helpful and knowledgeable in teaching the material. In all, she was excellent.

Lois, 1 lesson with Deborah

"Great Tutor!!"

- Garrett Grapevine, TX on 6/26/2018
He taught me very valuable information regarding the BASE formula! I found it very informative and useful in my future studies. I am looking forward to meeting with him again.


"Very Personable and Patient"


Deb is an awesome tutor. We had a lot in common and even went to the same school! She is very patient and personable and even was willing to help me past our scheduled appointment!

Parker, 8 lessons with Deborah

"Friendly and Knowledgeable Tutoring!"

- Belle Dallas, TX on 4/28/2018
Simply put, WOW! my accounting class was giving me grief, and Neil was able to explain 6 weeks of class crystal clear in an hour. All the pieces finally came together. He shows more than one way to form your answers so it's not just a "one-size-fits-all approach. I was super happy to find him on here and I suggest everyone do the same.

"Great tutor and really knows his stuff!"

- Roy Dallas, TX on 5/29/2017
We did a review of items to look for in a company's annual report. Neil described the important items to look for and what they mean for the direction of the company.

"Knowledgeable on many subjects"

- George Atlanta, GA on 4/17/2017
Helps me prepare for exams and review as well as reinforce what we cover in class. Picks up where the professor leaves off to be sure I have a complete grasp of the material.


- Diana Dallas, TX on 1/17/2017
Neil has a way of making Finance easy and friendly. He explains in great detail so that one may have a better understanding of the subject. He is also very patient and encouraging.

"Grade Saver!"

- Miranda Dallas, TX on 12/14/2016
I have been working with Neil on Microeconomics for the past semester. We would usually meet before an upcoming exam and he would patiently and understandably explain all theories that were unclear to me. Without Neil, I wouldn't have gotten an A. As an SMU student, it was very convenient because he could meet at Fondren Library. I would recommend Neil to everyone taking Economics. I am not the easiest person to tutor, but Neil would patiently wait for me to have my aha moment while trying to explain things in different manners so I could understand. Thank you, Neil!

"Fantastic Tutor"

- George Dallas, TX on 12/13/2016
Neil is now helping my second son prep for his exams at SMU. Our experience with Neil helping our first son when he was at SMU was so good that we are carrying on the tradition. Neil has done a great job helping both my boys prep for their exams and they are both high GPA finance majors.


- Jay Dallas, TX on 12/13/2016
I was referred to Neil from a friend who had worked with him while taking Finance in his Exec MBA program. Neil was a lifesaver for me. He has a very calm and relaxed style and can help you get past the stress and explain complex problems so that you feel much more confident. I am so glad my friend told me about him.

"Best tutor I have ever had!"

- Jordan Dallas, TX on 5/3/2016
He drastically improved my grade in Microeconomics and I am very grateful! Will definitely use him again in the future.

"Knowledgeable, patient and personable."

- Alex Dallas, TX on 2/23/2016
Neil and I met for an advanced graduate finance class and he was very knowledgeable about the subjects I needed. We will be meeting again!

"Extremely Patient and fantastic tutor!!"

- Caroline North Hollywood, CA on 1/10/2016
I am completely new to the world of accounting, excel I am a bit shaky at, and have been out of the loop of doing math for years. Not only is Neil extremely knowledgeable in his field, he explains everything very patiently and clearly, so I feel comfortable and leave understanding the subject all the better. I will certainly be using his services again.

"He knows his stuff!"

- Kim Richardson, TX on 8/30/2015
Neil is helping me with Microeconomics. It was our first time to meet but I feel I am getting a better understanding of the course now!

"Fantastic tutor, made discussions fun and easy to learn!"

- Anitza Plano, TX on 8/29/2015
My sessions with Neil were always very productive. He not only helped me advance my Excel skills, but by using real life examples from his work experience helped me learn a lot about business. I highly recommend Neil as I will not hesitate to call on him again!! Thank you, your help was invaluable!

"Knowledgeable and very thoughtful and effective."

- Court Dallas, TX on 8/9/2015
Neil helped me understand financial accounting. He took the time to work through every problem not just to help me get the answer, but to understand how the fundamentals work to solve the problem. I highly recommend him.

"Awesome Tutor!"

- Melissa Dallas, TX on 11/11/2014
Neil is extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient and helpful. I felt comfortable asking even the most basic of financial planning questions and he answered everything and more with very simple, easy to understand terminology and real world concepts. I highly recommend Neil to anyone looking for help.

"Command of the Subject Matter - Easy to Follow"

- Michael Dallas, TX on 8/21/2014
Neil is excellent at teaching (as he is a professor currently) finance and related financial subjects in a simplistic manner allowing for rapid comprehension.

"5 Stars"

- Matthew Dallas, TX on 7/31/2014
Mr. D is a fantastic tutor. Accounting was my kryptonite until he came along. After struggling the first time I took the course, with Mr. D's help, I was able to get a B for my final grade. He makes thing simple and easy to understand, and he relates it's applications to the real world. He is the best tutor I've had hands down in my entire college career.

"Great Teacher!"

- Scott Plano, TX on 7/6/2014
Neil has helped me improve my grade in portfolio management! He is more then qualified to handle my senior level coursework and I know that he would be beneficial to your needs as well. Thanks Neil!


"Extremely patient"

- Karen Plano, TX on 11/12/2012
Extremely Patient and Very Knowledgeable!! Neil is reachable via telephone or email and always follows through with questions/answers after tutoring sessions as well.


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